You are my beautiful little sister
And if I seem to not be around
I want you to remember, so often
To keep both feet on the ground. 

Firstly, love.

It's going to hurt like nothing
You have ever felt before
It feels like your hearts on a table
And your heads being slammed in a door

Don't let them hurt you, sweet
If they do you wrong, do them wrong back
If they break your fragile heart
Then it's theirs you need to crack. 

But if you do meet someone
Who treats you like the Queen, you are
Let them know from me
I'll never be too far

If I could I'd protect you forever
But to deprive you of these experiences
I could never forgive myself
No life needs interferences

I wish you a happy existence
Either alone, or accompanied 
Just make sure to be selfish
And live life in pure luxury

The End

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