Scene 2Mature

INT. A MEETING ROOM (same time, same day)

Men and women in business attire sit around a small table, each in a different (yet naturally uncomfortable) position. ROBERT WELLS, a businessman of around 47 with graying hair and a stern expression (dressed in a black suit) sits at the head of the table grasping a thick file. Each person at the table stares at him intensely as he assesses them. Then, he simply throws the file onto the middle of the table, the dull 'thump' following being the only noise echoing throughout the tense room.

KAREN (one of the business-women, dressed in a skirt suit and nicely put together. She seems to be around the age of 28), breaking the silence after a few seconds: Yes?

Robert clears his throat briefly.

ROBERT: I trust you've all heard of the murders in Detroit?

The people surrounding the table nod slightly.

ROBERT: Another body was found. (He pauses and takes a breath.) In the foliage near the train station this time. Female, yet again, with the trademark post-death mutilations and teeth marks. We think the victim was trying to get away by getting on the train and leaving, but...(He trails off.)

There is another short silence.

KAREN: Sir, these past murders were near the bus stop, near the pool, near a mall--these are public places, why can't we catch this guy?

ROBERT: He's sneaky. That's the thing about killers, they're all sneaky. And smart. (pause.) And this guy, he knows where to hide and where to watch from.

KAREN: Watch...?

ROBERT: He stalks. He chooses his victims, stalks them--watches them--becomes close with them and kills them--Karen, didn't you read the files?

KAREN: I read them, but everything is so subjective and vague. I mean, we don't even know that the guy you've been watching is the murderer.

ROBERT: Oh, we know.

KAREN, calmly, yet agitated: No, you don't. What's your evidence?

There's a pause as Robert tries to gather himself for an educated response.

KAREN: You don't have any? Or do you not have enough solid evidence to respond without being contradicted later? Perhaps you should think this over before--(She trails off, realizing the other men and women are staring at her.) You know what? Never mind. I'm sorry. Continue.

ROBERT: Thank you. Now, we know the killer lives in Detroit, possibly even a suburb nearby. But due to where the murders are and the minimal evidence left behind, we believe he lives in an apartment downtown. Near the street from the aforementioned train station.

MAN 1: Have you questioned this man?

ROBERT: Not yet. For now, we're waiting. The most recent murder hasn't left enough evidence for our workers to pick up on.

KAREN: How can there not be enough?

ROBERT: This guy is a psychopath, Karen, he's an incredibly smart psychopath. He knows what he's doing.

KAREN, obviously plotting a response, already knowing the answer: He knows how to kill?

ROBERT: Yes. He's a skilled man.

KAREN: Everyone knows how to kill, sir, they just don't utilize the skill--

ROBERT: We don't need any more of your morality talks. This is a cold-blooded murderer we're going after, we don't need that kind of stuff weighing us down. Alright?

As Robert continues to drone on in the background about the killer, Karen looks away, distressed, annoyed, and refusing to listen. As she does so, another voice is heard as an introduction to the next scene.

VOICE: You know--

The End

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