Aimed in the HeartMature

"I want fucking chocolate milk!"

"Sometimes I walk in the rain, only because I like to pretend I had drops in my eyes when I return, and that's my excuse for red blotchy eyes"

"I lost my sight of who I wanted to be during a period of time, then I realized: I didn't know who I was supposed to be"

"My biggest wish? That there are no races, stereotypes, murder, hatred, and bullying... but that's the way it is, and this is one wish that won't come true"

"I would purposely do something that would send me to a mental hospital just so I can listen to real people with real problems and help them since it's obvious they need a much closer help, than someone with a degree mounted on their wall"

"I did want to die, but I'm still here, so that means things got just a little better each day, maybe that will work for others. I honestly wish so"

"I don't want to judge a girl I haven't met before, but if you touch me, my man, my friends, my family...Bitch, you gonna burn in your house"

"I don't mind being single, it just means you're waiting for someone really special, than just anyone who happens to show up"

"Sometimes I pretend the world is a TV. I want to change the channel and the other channels are the other planets, even though I can't understand Extraterrestrial-language, I still watch it because I would rather be confused and wonder, than understand and cry over every single little cluster-fuck flaw."

"It's all a game; we are the pieces, and the players is government."

"Violence can be used for good."

"I wasn't offered a choice of "continue? yes or no?" in love. I lost him afterwards. Now, with someone new and so perfect he and I want to, but I offered him the choice, because I know the emotional toll it takes and no one should deserve the bad toll. I said he should say no. He did. And I am so proud of him."

"Sometimes I wonder why my brain would think things. Like one day I was talking with my mother and I said to her: "I'm so happy today, I want to shit a unicorn shitting rainbows and oranges", then I'm like...WTF brain?? Why would I think that?"

"I'm so happy today, I want to shit a unicorn shitting rainbows and oranges"

"I want to roll around in a pool full of pudding and throw oranges at hobos, because every hobo deserves and orange to be thrown at them, and then i'll ride a giraffe and flick off the police because "FUCK THEM!", then ima go and get a bag of flavored air and throw those annoying chips at the giraffe to eat because i owe it to him cuz he gave me a ride past the police station then im gonna find the best porn star and have a nice tea lunch with her/him and then we go and kill all the skunks in the world because they stink, then we are gonna go and fuck sharks in the rain forests cuz rainforests are kool. WAT BITCH!!!!

(I wrote that one above because I was very bored and I tried to get someone's attention on fb, and no one replied so I typed that and nothing happened...but I did enjoy making it:) )

The End

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