At the BottomMature

"When you're done with that beer bottle, what do you see at the bottom?"

"Pictures are proof, maybe if I forget about everything I won't have the pain of my past since no pictures were taken when I cried. And everything will just seem like a lie."

"The sexiest thing is what can't be seen on the body."

"Those who lie, can certainly put the same effort into school work."

"Everyone I look up too as a real role model is just as fucked up as me."

"I would rather have a handsome hobo then afterwards gives me blue roses than have a cute girl then afterwards puts a screwdriver in my brain."

"I have many guys waiting to date me. When they make a move that's when I just forget them, if they can't respect that I'm already taken or not ready then they won't respect me at all."

"When I was younger people thought my favorite Disney character was Belle from Beauty and the Beast, because I looked like her as a kid, imagine their surprise when I really liked Joan Jett, only because her hair was cute."

"I call my uncle Enkie (pronounced as: "ink-key"). Why? I didn't like the name Eric on him. I still call him that today. Why? Because he likes it when I say it, no matter if he was a girl or not, I still say it by his request.(plus I still don't like Eric on him) Now that's family love trying to reconnect after many years of being in different areas and states."

"I would rather walk than run, this way you can see more on your way to where-ever. Plus you're not as tired."

"I live in a one-story house, I live in the back-country, I live where most farms are, that does not mean I'm poor, it means I have probably done more stupid things caused by boredom and have made memories and that's what makes me rich."

The End

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