Titles Can Be MistakenMature

What this basically is me just goofing around and coming up with my own little quotes.
All quotes I have thought up before or I am randomly just putting words together to make something out of possibly nothing.

"All people get in bed, all most all people sleep there, most have sex, others just lay down and relax, and very few still use it as a fort for an innocent pillow fight battlefield."

"I love it when people try to know their crush's, lover's, or spouse's past, but mine doesn't ask about mine. And I'm thankful to not remember any of the bad that was the majority of my life and explain it to him, he loves me for that moment and all the moments we spent together."

"Pictures remind us all of what we used to be, if you have to, burn them to save your tears, or save them and have it there to remind you of every splendid moment you and others spent smiling."

"If you have enemies, good! It means you have been yourself."

"In my ideal world, no on should speak until noon and you can only hug people because waking up and going through a tough day is always hard."

"I do not believe in saying a "politically correct" word, phrase, or race, this shows the government is keeping us "right" and it will only progress until we are completely silent."

"I am a sail boat, easy going, fun, and excited but I wait inside the dock, but that's not what I was made for."

"Labels in school or in society that are "acceptable" or "ok" is actually damaging. Don't stereotype and don't judge right then and there, you could have missed your next best friend."

(a quote I take no right on, it's completely this person but it's true): "We're all gonna lie, we're all gonna cry, and we're all gonna take painful shits." ~Dane Cook

(back to original quotes I'm coming up with):

"If you disagree with me, I don't care, just don't shove your opinion in my face about and try to escalate it into an argument, because you'll end up pushing my buttons and I'll be stuck paying your hospital bill."

"I can no longer doubt the human idiocy evolution in this epic-fail of society."

"When people are so caught up in having sex all night, every night, they've lost my respect. When I meet people who are virgins still and remain that way my deepest respect goes to you. When I meet a person and they plan on having sex I try to talk them out of it because they forget not about pregnancy or STD's but they forget about the emotional damage it causes, and if they back out of it I love them, if they still do it and I had warned them, I will be there as a shoulder because I love them and I know how it feels."

"No one should be called a slut when they have only done it once and that girl has regrets about it."

"I am mixed with Asian and Native American, my religions are a mix with Catholic, Atheist, and Satanic (my family is diverse and very different), yet people always assume I'm White and Christian, this is an example and honestly it bothers me because when you "assume" you make an "ass" out of "u" and "me"."

"Just because someone kisses you, touches you, hugs you, or even speaks to you, does not mean that person loves you."

"My friend once said that if you dream about a person it means they are thinking of you. I don't remember even meeting Johnny Depp, but ah well even that thought makes someone smile."

"How can you ever love someone truly when you have never been hurt by someone else before?"

"If I have my boyfriend's jacket and when he begs for it back I still don't give it to him. Why? Because it's gonna make more notable memories."

"Ladies, learn that when you hear your man honesty and truly says "I love you" then that's just what you need, everything he does or says is extra. Gentlemen, learn that you deserve a lady not a slut and a lady deserves honesty."

"If you're touched in anyway you don't want to, even guys do this, leave the room, relationship, house, city, state, country or whatever but as long as you are better off than being touched anyway negative."

The End

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