Title Pending (Open to Suggestions)

Notes and random pieces for my new screenplay.

Music. View opens on street on outskirts of the city, where each house has a little garden at the front and back and kids play on the sidewalk. Camera follows a car down the street, focused on the registration plate. Car pulls up to a house with a SOLD sign outside. Camera skirts car and focusses on door as it opens and a girl climbs out and looks up at the house. Here the voiceover begins.


When I was younger I thought my family was perfect. (Flashback to childhood, mother, father and daughter playing in garden, weather is sunny, everyone is happy.) There was me, my mum and my dad and the three of us could take on anything. Then, when I was older, my little sister came along (Flashback to baby coming home to meet Kate) and it made everything even better. Sure she made everyone a little tired (Flashback continues with scenes of parents up at night looking after baby) but she was family and we loved her (Happy family flashback). It wasn't until later that things started to go wrong. (Flashbacks to parents arguing and teenage Kate covering her sisters ears and trying to keep her from noticing. Flashbacks continue to visually tell the tale her voiceover is giving) They loved us, but it wasn't enough to keep them together. Mum had met someone else and she left. We saw her sometimes, with her boyfriend, but it was really just me and my little sis. Dad was hardly there anymore; said the house reminded him of mum too much. I stopped going out with my friends; I had the house and my sister to look after now. Pretty soon I was alone but I was okay with that. I had Jessie and we were enough. A year after mum had left I got accepted in to college. I decided to put it off for a year; I guess because I didn't think dad could cope on his own. It was enough to wake him up though. He sold the house, got a job transfer and found us a place in the suburbs of San Francisco. And here we are.

End voiceover.



The End

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