Thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancer

Thyroid Cancer

The thyroid gland is located to the front of your neck right under your voice box.If the thyroid gland is heathy is can be about the size of a quarter.The thyroid has two part which are called lobes.There a thin tissue called the isthmus that connect the two lobes.The thyroid makes two kinds of hormone that are thyroid hormone and calcitonin.Thyroid hormone does is that it effect the heart rate,body temperature,weight,and blood pressure.The calcitonin has a very small role which making sure there a heathy level of calcium inside the body.

Thyroid cells are like most cells on how the make new cells.If something goes wrong and the old cells do not die.Then the new cells and the old cell combine and form a mass of tissues called nodules also know as tumors.There two type of tumors that form benign nodules and malignant nodules.Benign nodules are harmless because they do not spears and attack other tissues and organs.Usually don't need be removed.On the other hand malignant nodules is a threat to live.It attack other tissues and organs.It spreads to other parts of the body.It can be removed but thyroid cancer may came back.The thyroid cancer cells can spread though out the body.By breaking away from the tumors and traveling through blood vessels and lymph vessels the carry it to other tissues.

There are 4 types of thyroid cancer which are Papillary,Follicular,Medullary,and Anaplastic.Papillary is the most common thyroid cancer there is.How this cancer begins is in follicular cells and grows slowly.If it is not copied early then it hard to cure.Follicular is the second most common this one is like the papillary type on how it begins.If it spotted early it can also be cured.Medullary is not common but people can get it.It grows slowly.If it found and treated before it spreads through out the body it be washer to control.Anaplastic is a rare type of thyroid cancer and people over 60 are most likely to get it.Those cancer cells grow and spread at a rapid rate.Unlike the other thyroid cancers it very hard to control even if spotted early.

If you get the cancer your doctor will refer you to a team of specialist.What they will do to you is preform surgery on you.There two surgery you can do which are removing all of the thyroid or removing a lobe.After the surgery you have to go through one or all these treatments that are thyroid hormone treatment what this is that thyroid hormone pills called synthroid. Radioactive Iodine therapy is after the surgery it kills the thyroid cancer cells and it also kills the thyroid cells that remain.External Radiation Therapy is used for any type of thyroid cancer.Sometime used if the cancer comes back after the treatment or to relieve bone pain from the cancer that has spread.Chemotherapy what this is it a treatment for medullary and anaplastic thyroid cancers.

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