Through the Doors of Life

They say that every person who comes into your life enters for a reason. They say every relationship opens a door to a part of yourself. They say that everyone has something to learn and something to teach.

So for those reasons, I am forever grateful for your shared path along life's journey. You have taught me to be brave, to accept help, to love, to live the life to0 good to be true. Thanks to you I know what self acceptance feels like, and I am in a euphoric place in my life because I chased my dreams, and I caught them.

But every person who leaves in our lives leaves for a reason as well. We learn to open doors on our own. We learn to be our own friend and teacher. 

I am sad to see us part from our common path, but I know that I am not alone, for a I have myself. I carry all these open doors with me, but I have the time now to explore what is inside. You have opened my eyes to possibilities, but it is now my turn to walk them. 

As I walk away from you, I know that I can hold on to the good forever, but I am walking away from the bad and that fuels me forward. I anticipate new adventures, new perspectives, new doors. 

I love you.

May we be forever walking forward.

The End

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