Three Places

These three places are places that everyone has heard of. They are places where important things have occured to me specifically, and maybe you can relate :). enjoy!

The first place:

It is busy there 24/7. The lights are never on. The electricity works, but the only light comes from the two windows by vibrant flashes of red and yellow that flash when the shades are closed. Sometimes, when they are open, they show harsh reality. But here, safe, in this space, it is like a different planet. It is the birthplace of many stories, the place where my imagination breaks free. It is the only place I can do whatever I like, and sometimes, I never want to leave. It is the place where I dream, day and night, about such impossible things. It is the place where haunting memories lie, in bottles, but still a place where I can stretch invisible wings. And take flight and soar and see everything from a disconnected point of view. 

The second place:

This place consists of a long hallway, which has no doors, windows, a ceiling, or a floor. It has my world inside. It holds past, present, and future. It smells like aged air, slightly sweetened. I have no decision of my own here, but still it is the place I discovered freedom. I never know quite what it holds for me, but I march fearlessly into it anyhow. I can be courageous here. Everyone disappears in this place, but I am still visible. My emotions are raw and determined, and I feel everything as if was directly attached to a nerve.  It holds an ever growing amount of knowledge. It is dark here until I enter, and dark again when I leave, and I am its source of light.

The third place:

This place is made specifically for expression, and expression only. It looks like a thought, all blown up.  It smells like passion. It holds pretty things, it holds ugly things. It will preserve life long after death.  It is noisy here, but you cannot hear it with your ears. There are windows through which you can see into someone’s mind. It holds only past, no present, no future. Here is the place I learned how to see beauty. Here is the place I learned life only goes on. This is a place where judgment exists, but does not matter.  Here is a place to go and lose yourself in someone else.

The Answers: 

1. My mind

2. A book

3. An art gallery

The End

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