Love is...

So we all have our issues. Of course, mine is loving myself exactly as I am. 

It amazes me how awesome somedays can be. I was recently forced to go short shopping. It... well just sucked. But not as horrible as I thought. My family and man provided support I desperately needed. And although the sizing and cuts of shorts was disheartening, I did find shorts that I would consider wearing in public. I also found a shorter skirt that I would even wear. 

Today, I love my legs. Today, my legs are not the enemy but are a blessing. They tell a story, a story of inheritence, the story that pumps through my veins and vibrates in me. Today, the stretch marks of my thighs aren't imperfections, they are uniqueness. Today, I won't hate myself for slacking off or eating one or two cookies.

For me, in this second, I am not comparing myself to other women. Instead, I'm appreciating all of us, shaped so we can experience this world in all of the glorious wonder. I love me... Today.

The End

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