Eva Mae

Larger than life, you just wouldn't give up that smoking.  I still feel sad at the thought of not seeing you before you passed.

To me you were like the mother I missed.  Didn't we have fun, weren't there just an abundance of good times. 

However I do recall your hurts, your divorce, the deaths of your eldest son and mother.. W and her dive into the drug world. 

None of us will ever know how much you really suffered.  But through it all, I never saw you down or feeling sorry for yourself.  You tried hard, to hold it together, you were the glue that held us together.  Since you've been gone, things are not the same, W still does what she used to do.. everyone else is fine, as fine goes..

I miss you, you wonderful woman who never left anyone out in the cold or turned one away from your table.

You were truly larger than life, sleep, you paid your dues.. Wait for the Saviors voice..

love you


The End

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