We awaited your arrival.  We watched from outside as you grew.  We wondered to ourselves but, we asked out loud about the color of your eyes, the color of your hair.  Who would you look like, mom, dad, big sister or maybe grandma?

We waited to hear your cry, we waited to see your smile..

Well now, for a little while we will not see your smile, we will not hear your cry.  Your arrival has been postponed for now.

Sleep sweet baby, wait to hear the voice of Jesus then, we will hear you.  You are the little Dandelion that blew away, you were too fragile and could not hold still.

But one day, your mommy will place kisses on your little cheek and, your daddy's tears will fall onto your forehead, big sister, aunties, uncles, cousins and, the nurturer of the Dandelions (grandma) will hold you close.

Until then, Christopher Scott Hall, {Little Dougie}.. You are so deep in our hearts and never far from our thoughts..

The End

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