Thoughts that will linger in my conscient soul

News reports are giving me much to think about.
So,this is some of the result...

War is obviously the most damaging thought that stays put and will not go away.

Maybe is because everything that I read on the papers and see on the broadcast at night keeps it constant on my awareness of how much we are at war with ourselfs and other countries.

To mention a few:

Pakistan,Afeghanistan.With personnel in the land and at home in the burocracy that sees more red tape than any means to bring our boys home safe and sound!

Iran,Sudan,Libya.On attemps to regain some control of future usage of fossil fuel that we have no contract yet to account for.Mr Brown is still at talks!

America.Our fellow friend that maybe be at present time angry since we have released the responsable (arrested and conficted for a crime he says he had nothing to do with !),for the Lockerbie bombing.

Who else ?

I am pretty sure that at one point or another we all (human beings only please),have done or said something to someone that we later regreat saying ,maybe not the entire content put surely the way we went about how we expressed our point of view.

Maybe we could have been more diplomatic with our choice of words,perhaps ?

So,my lingering thought that will not rest is:

Find some common ground,and work from there.

I have found in my personal life that when I put myself in the other person shoes I respond better to what they are requesting of me.

That is all,I hope it is of some help.

The End

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