Wedding Cake and Spoiled Milk

WELL. We are married. To be honest, it's kind of surreal that we are now legally and spiritually bond to each other. Perhaps it's just me, but I feel like he's just my best friend and now he is always here. Maybe it will sink in eventually.

But for any brides who might happen upon my entries, I have a few words from my own experience. Please, don't worry. I know it can be so incredibly hard, especially for those who prefer a more hands on planning experience. Just to give you an idea, our groomsmen had no clue what to do because they couldn't attend the rehearsal, we had the control board for the lights crash on us the night before the wedding, and our DJ walked in as I was in line with my bridesmaids, seconds from walking into the ceremony. So yes, it wasn't the smoothest wedding and I definitely aware of how hard it is to let it go. But we had an amazing wedding day, and at the end of the day, I got married to my best friend. That's what matters when it comes down to it. 

So now back to real life!

After we moved back home, I started back at school. Whilst studying, I happened upon a particular artist and her creepy, dark and yet poppy songs. So currently, I'm obsessed with these songs, which led me to question something... Why do we love the creepy things? There is a subset of the population who, like me, are fascinated with the things that make our skin crawl, the dark, gruesome, and macabre? I don't know but... Let's just skip to October already! 

Until then, drink your spoiled milk and... Tag, you're it!

The End

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