6 month wedding with a side of 1 month of crazy

SO! The wedding is literally days away... And at this point... I'm just ready for the honeymoon.

Here is a taste of the crazy: I am planning a wedding from 500 miles away. My mother and father are being my foot soldiers in this, and frankly they deserve medal for powering through all of this. My groom's parents have divorced and unfortunately they are not on good terms. This, as you can imagine, strains planning of the wedding... It all started in August.

We filed the our papers with our church in July; after a month, the deposit check hasn't cleared the bank. Upon calling the church, our papers and check were stuck pile and sat around. Once this was noticed, we were back on track....

September: Grandmother was diagnosed with aggressive stage 4 cancer. We also start discussing having to put our dog to sleep. Needless to say, emotions start to run high and close to the skin. My groom and I were also anxious to start our premarital counseling. Emails were sent but no response... Carry on with normal life.

October: Grandmother passed. My family traveled 500 miles for the funeral. Before the funeral, we had to put my dog to sleep. Now, some may think it was just a dog... but we rescued him when he was a fluffy puppy. He live with us in my childhood home for 16 years. He was our family and we were his pack. ... So October was not a fun month.

November: This is when crazy hits hard. Upon skyping my family, I learn that my pastor had no idea he was to marry us. Our premarital counselor still had no clue on how to do our sessions. My groom, who was supposed to have gotten his passport filed back in September and be awaiting the documents, has not done so. Also the original date that I wanted was actually available, as the church has switched weekends for an event that is to occur on the day after my wedding (the day I didn't really want). Confusing as to how long we actually have the church for on the day of the wedding. Issues finding a photographer, trying to figure out make up and coordinating the groom's party. I find out that instead of just a traditional white and black, my groom's family has decided he should wear a purple shirt, blue tie and a black suit. This was to supposedly match the theme of the wedding, but our colors are blue silver and white... how purple fits in, I have no clue... His family will pay for the rehearsal dinner, but on conditions... Lost invitations and non-responsive relatives. 

December: The wedding is the 12th. So... No set time for the rehearsal, bouquets are in the works, hair and makeup have to be moved, we just ordered the wedding cake (thankfully), and my maid of honor can't make it to the wedding. She works at a certain store that a) didn't tell her she couldn't ask for any days off in December and b) also forgot to tell her they were holding a special event literally the day of the wedding. Of course, I don't blame her, it's not her fault. Finally, trying to figure out how to film our wedding so she can see it...

Needless to say, dealing with all of this as well as medical school has been... interesting. But it's ok... Just as long as I can marry my best friend. *

*Update* My poor friend who was to be my maid of honor can come to the wedding... but only because she was let go from her job. Also powering through my finals that literally don't end until the 9th.... Am I on a beach yet??????? No?? Ok. :/

The End

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