Raw: down to the fibers

So the world is once again changed. The Paris attack has down something to the world and global culture that will live scars... Let me be clear, I am not afraid. I was a child when the twin towers fell... As a 3rd grader, it is hard to comprehend that the building falling was full of people. Not only that, but how rich and deep each individual life was, and even now most adults only occasionally have the fullest realization of this. So this world of shootings in schools and churches, the hijacked planes, the impromptu bombs... it's all I know. And yet, I don't know it. My home town was never pocked with bombshells and it certainly didn't rain shell casings. But... I'm used to it. So, of course I was sad to hear of the attack. And though I mourned their loss, I was not struck with grieve.

But no, the change wasn't that those who were responsible rocked the world. It was the polarizing of people that I saw. Paris, as the vision I know it as, was and is the place to live! Art and decadence reign, music and poetry the air to fill your soul! Of course, I've yet to travel there, and my view of the culture is romanticized  but... at the same time... Paris embodies romanticism in many ways. So the people will, and are, fighting back against the darkness. No, its social media that is polarized....

So I got to hold a brain in my hands this week, multiple times. And I've thought so much about this delicate structure that makes up your entire life. SO! Here is my frustration with the social media climate currently. We are all people! *Shocking!!!!* But here's how it breaks down.

Some blame the religion- see... stop that. Though I may disagree with the theology of Islam, I respect those who practice it peacefully, which happens to be the majority of the believers. Now before you get all angry and stabby with me, think about this. Islam is the youngest of the big religions. At one point in time, the largest religious population was Jeudochristianity. Was Christianity every extremist?.... Well... Yea. The Crusades was not just a "knock on the door and have tea and discuss religion" thing. It was more of a "Reject your God or get run through" kind of thing. Yes, this is a simplification, but it was extreme and bloody. And more recently, a certain Southern Baptist church has taken to picketing soldiers' funerals. I am a Christian, yet I do not do this. In fact, I do all I can to keep from using that church's name, so as to deny it the press it seems to desperately want. I try to live out my faith to the best of my ability, serving, giving, etc. So it's not the beliefs of a person that make you dislike or even hate them, it's their actions.

Some say that we should shut our borders to those who flee- Really? The common argument is that "We should take care of our own first." Ok, so I assume you have started a petition to right the social wrongs you've seen, and of course don't oppose social benefit programs that would impact single parents, veterans, the impoverished, and of course children. You have written to your representatives for ways to cut down the insurance gap or your alternative to "Obama-care." Perhaps you have researched how hospitals can cut down on costs through repurposing instruments to cut down costs of medical care. And then you proceed to rip out your heart. You may not agree with everything as stated but you know what? The people fleeing... ARE FLEEING! They are running away from their lives, homes, countries, and  families even because they fear for their lives! What are they running from? The same thing you don't want coming into your country. But here is the thing. There is homegrown darkness that can come from this thing that connects us all. This particular darkness has proven it's skill in using the internet and social media. This also upsets me as a Christian, because we are to show Christ's life through our actions, we do this by serving. We serve regardless of faith or nation. How are we to show are faith we refuse to serve when it is not convenient. And finally, no matter what religion or ideology you have, isn't character "not determined by your actions when times are easy, but rather when times are tough."

Finally. I'm tired of the hatred! Yes this has been a rant of sorts. But please notice, I have only voiced frustration. I don't say that if you don't agree or whatever that you are horrible or wrong. I'm presenting my side of this frustrating issue. Because here is the thing, if everyone agreed and believed the same thing, our world would be so much less than what it is now. We have cultures so diverse, there is literally a science devoted to culture (i.e. anthropology). Furthermore, it's through these differences we treasure that which transcends them (laughter, music, art, etc.). This is where my theory of cultural war comes in. When darkness tries to fall and suck us in, it wants this polarizing hatred to happen. Why? Because humanity no longer exists as one, but rather it is an Us and Them situation. Darkness then sucks in those who allow this to happen, and they fuel the darkness. 

... So what does this have to do with the 3lb organ in my hand? This war could be viewed as one on a subset of people. But that is a limited and quiet frankly inefficient way of thinking. Rather, this is a war of ideals and perspectives. Because clearly, those who fall to the darkness see a reason so strong that they are willing to give their flesh to the idea of the darkness. Through this, our darkness becomes their reality. 

Ultimately, this is just a frustrated entry, in a meaningless journal. An opinionated person who simple is tired of Us and them world... 

The End

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