The Count down

Short and sweet tonight.

I'm counting down to my second round of exams, that starts next Friday.

Counting down till my wedding, just short of 2 months now, counting down till Thanksgiving so I can see my mom again, and finally counting down from 50.

Why 50? 

Well, I love HIMYM and in the 6th season episode 13, they do a subtle count down through out the entire episode so they can drop the boom on you. Another side note, in the final scene, Jason Segel (Marshall) had no idea what was happening or what the ending was. The only thing he knew was Lily's last word of her lines, the rest was his reaction.

Why so short and why am I on HIMYM?

Well 1) because I can 2) I'm incredibly tired but just had to write this out and 3) because it's beautiful to think of the time and effort they took to do this one thing that was probably missed by the majority of people. We need to appreciate the silly yet sophisticated things in this world. I say sophisticated, others may disagree, but in my opinion it was a wonderful unconscious mode to prepare the audience for a story shift and just something so big at the wrong time.

Is that what life does to us? Gives us hands we don't want or need, and we have to deal with it  in the best way we can? 

Who knows, maybe it's nothing at all, but anyway, keep on counting.

The End

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