Functionally Dysfunctional

So it's October...

Halloween, Trick-or-treat, pumpkin spice lattes, horror movies and sweaters...

I've done a lot of thinking just in the beginning of October already. We have move to the arms and hands in anatomy. And dissecting out my cadaver's hand, I begin to contemplate all over again. Perhaps it will sound repetitive or cliche, but it occurs to me to contemplate the flow of life now more than ever. You see, my day starts around 6:30 am. I get up and eat, get dressed, drive the 25 minutes to school, learn for 2-8 hours a day, and then drive back to my apartment. This empty apartment greets me and for the 30 minutes after all of this... my brain is able to relax... well for just a bit. 

You see, the C popped up in my family... My grandmother was diagnosed about a month ago. It was so advanced that the doctor didn't really explain much about it, referring to it as umbilical cancer. The tumor was in the abdominal cavity and was stage 4.... Well being 71, Grandma wasn't much for chemo and radiation. The long and short of it was that she passed last Wednesday.

It might seem selfish, but I was just relieved that this was after my first round of exams. I was able to at least attend the funeral. I'm so glad I did. I got a closure for a loss I really didn't let myself feel.  I also got to see my family and stand by my mother to give her strength. It also let me think about religion and spirituality, something that had just bubbling in my head. 

And this is part of why I write tonight. These thoughts needed to come out of my mind. I won't give you the details of my religion, but the message is simple. Redemption through love. I would argue that some part of all religions is peace and a message of love. I would also argue that you are wondering what the hell this has to do with October and the hands and arms. 

This is simple, but some would say that it is a stretch. Well, I felt peace at hearing of my grandmother's passing. Yes, it was loss. The loss of the relationship I had with her and the deeper one that I didn't have with her as well. But peace because there was no pain anymore for her. So she died in Autumn, it's fitting because she loved the colors. So its October, horror movies and the changing leaves will help me deal with death and change. So I'm studying to be a doctor, but that doesn't mean the death of my spirituality. 

So the hands.... well its simple. Hands reach out, open, and close. Hands can grasp and also let go. Hands can lower, lift up, pick, wave and even flail! Hands can speak to those who can speak and give words to those who cannot speak. Each muscle has a purpose and each motion is possible because of the muscles. 

I wonder... how much better could the world be if we all lifted another person up, no motive, no malice, no obligation... I hate to sound so cheesy but... couldn't we do that?

Couldn't we just spread  a little peace and love? Even if it as simple as paying for someone else's pumpkin spice latte....

The End

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