Heart of the matter

The thoughts of a medical student, a fiancee, and a biased woman.

The heart is wrapped in mystery; wrapped in fat and protective walls. To dig it out of the cadaver, you must do a fair amount of work. Cut the ribs, remove the lungs, and then with care, cut the arteries, veins, connective tissue, and free the organ that mystifies the populace.

It's an interesting feeling holding the organ that can physically ache with loss, pound with excitement, and flutter with love in the palm of your hand. But more interesting, is the fact that this organ, this mechanical pump, works tirelessly; it beats on when we can't go on. The heart's muscles can polarize themselves, creating its on beat. It can, and must, keep beating, an ever present drum beat, day and night. 

The heart can be weakened by emotional trauma. It can tire of beating the drum, weakening, becoming arhythmic, fighting to push through to your cells, the smallest part of you, to give them what you need to live. 

Its a beautiful thing to see. It puts into perspective what we should be, as people in relationships and in the world. Now of course, the heart fed itself first. We must make sure to take care of ourselves. But we should also push for the smallest part of our loved ones. We must try to bring life to the parts of our loved ones that they, themselves, are unable to do so. We should feed them fruits of life. 

For a woman about to get married, a 1st year medical student, and just a human being in the right state of mind, holding this heart, it is an awe inspiring moment.

The End

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