Thoughts on Constraints

Abstract thoughts on constraints.

Constraints are a funny thing - ironically funny, not funny "ha ha". Most people view constraints in a negative light. One person may have a constraint on money, another may have constraint on social privilege. We are always looking to stretch our constraints to no longer contain us on our journey to the truth. How would society function if there were no constraints? I would suspect that everything would stop. Society and its constituents would cease to move. Constraints create adversity. Adversity creates the framework for what propels us from start to finish. When we arrive at a certain age, we have an expectation of the kind of adversity we will face in the future. This allows us to prepare and develop the tools necessary to trudge through the mud. Without it, we would not have any of these tools. We would not be able to cope, or be motivated, or even gain strength. Strength comes from adversity. There would be no such concept as will, as there would be no purpose for it.

Adversity is how we better ourselves. Adversity is our perception of the constraints that life puts on us. The absence of life's restrictions is akin to a universe with no friction. The state of being could be described as infinitely hurdling through space, or not moving at all. Our perception of reality would become bits in a computer: either a 0, or a 1.

The End

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