Thoughts of my messed mindMature

just thoughts

How much?
How much do you want to leave this place? 
What ties you here? 

I want to leave, I want to go. But I'm tied by friends and parents and my boyfriend. They make my life complete. I'm happy with them all, heaven knows I'll be sad if one goes, leaves me cause of the person who pushes me away, makes me want to leave, tries to control me. 

My sister. 

Sounds odd, but the last year and a half have been a walking nightmare with her, so stressed out and jumpy. I can't be completely happy with her. She manages to grab my light and tries to extinguish it, but I'm holding on, little do you know. You can't get rid of it, not this time, I'm holding and I will escape with it. I'm not like you, so do not dictate my life. You have no right to tell me who to surround myself with, when you are friends with people who do that to. Hell, you did it. YOU harmed, you pushed me away now our sisterness is at the seams and breaking, what will make you realise this.


Just leave me alone.

You wanted a happy ending, they come with a price. 

The End

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