Thoughts From My Notebook

This is something I shared during 'Logs and Shanties' on my Christian sailing trip. Enjoy!

Most of you know I'm a writer. I spent every spare minute of the cruise writing! And most people are amazed when I complain about disobedient characters. "You invented them, you can control them!" they say. So maybe I could, but they'd be flat and boring and it wouldn't make for half so interesting a story, would it?

I think God's like an author. You know, and we're the characters. He invented us, and he could make us do what he wanted if he cared to, but we'd be uninteresting and two-dimensional, and the story would be so predictable that no one would want to read it.

Then the other day, I wrote in the back of my trusty notebook: "What if an author had herself to suffer every torment of her characters? God is that author."

Oh, and that works for bad stuff too. Because every book has to have a bad guy, because otherwise the hero has no catalyst for change. You get to the end, they're the same self-centred idiot they were at the beginning. Those bad things, they make them stronger, better...

I don't know, but I think we're making a few plot twists in this book.

The End

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