Me just blogging at random, have fun trying to work out my mind.

  Pride, it's quite interesting how it affects us all. Once a famous person told the world, pride can and will get you killed if you let it. It's funny how even though that was said more than 50 years ago, in this new age for technology it still rings true. Or even how realising that people who you didn't even know were protecting you can have such a profound and deep seated effect on ones own pride. I don't pretend to be strong, brave, or know anything about everything (some of my friends might not agree to that last one). Yet I still have my pride which I, and every man, woman or child, try to keep intact as much as we can.

  So you can imagine my distress at finding out that I'm not good enough to protect even myself, I like to think I can handle myself in a fight, after all I wrestle with full grown man every monday (google chrome doesn't know how to spell monday :p) in an attempt to learn jui-jitsu. So it leaves me wondering what I'm meant to do with my life if I can't even protect myself. My pride is the only thing that I really want to be perfect, whole, without out it I.. am ... weak, naked as a new born and that makes me scared.

This is NLG thankz for reading.

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