Male misogynists dig the graves. Female misogynists jump into these graves and pull the dirt down on top of themselves, and others.

Watching Star Trek doesn't make me a Vulcan. Reading Harry Potter doesn't make me a wizard. So why on earth would writing horrific stories and poetry make me a psycho or emotionally unstable?

We are in an age where we're taught to believe that being "single" is horrible, shameful torture (just look through a "women's magazine" if you don't believe me). Shouldn't we just be happy that we have not become so emotionally attached to another human that their betrayal or loss of interest results in misery and pain?

Aging is not a disease. We have become conditioned to believe that it is some kind of disgusting, unnatural process. The only disgusting thing here is pumping yourself with plastic to try and stay the same always.


I'm not a supermodel look-a-like, or blond, and I don't have perfect features, and I am not tall enough, and I'm bad at maths, and I'm scared of wasps, and I don't like to wear skirts or high-heels, or makeup, and I dress casual. Don't act like my existence is some kind of crime against humanity because of this. I am not the "perfect" woman, and neither would I want to be.  ("May I never be complete. May I never be content. May I never be             perfect." -  Fight Club.)

After we all die, nobody is going to remember us for having perfect nails, or for being well-dressed, or having nice hair.

Trying so hard to please other people when all they do is treat you like dirt or a disease; we've become good at all of this.


The End

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