"Uggh, look at that gross muscular person! They disgust me, with their gym memberships and their vegetarianism, how vile! Ugly, disgusting muscular people, promoting their awful lifestyle. They're so ugly, let's stare and point. Nobody will ever love you, you'll die alone, how will you ever get a boyfriend/girlfriend if you look like that? Now we're gonna jeer at you, and bully you all through school, and giggle hatefully at you all your life for being a different body type!" - If this made you mad, you might want to think about the way you think about people who are not as thin or fit as you are.  


We cannot live our whole lives pleasing our families. Do you think that my parents are always proud of a bisexual/pansexual, anarchic, geeky, socially-anxious, borderline-hippyish atheist with an interest in Crimethinc, videogames, heavy metal and writing death poetry and gory novels? Probably not, but this is my life, and I don't want to waste it being the person that everyone wants me to be.

Sometimes you've got to ask yourself, what gives YOU the right to define what "beautiful" is?

Meanwhile, the country that wants to police the world can't even have shopping sales without getting people killed. Marvellous.

Lets perform cruel, painful product testing on rapists, murderers and child molesters instead of locking innocent animals up in labs and torturing them so that selfish humans like us can have our cheap shampoo.



The End

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