Just writing down my thoughts to vent some anger. This will probably offend you.

Isn't it weird how some people say that abortion is against "god," but they don't see any problem with this "god" sending a great flood to murder everyone, they don't see any problem with the bible supporting rape, and they don't find it strange that the book saying "thou shalt not kill" has more murder in it than any other book ever printed. Let's face it, if the bible was not a sacred text to some individuals, it would probably be banned.


I don't really see how straight people can be against gay marriage, or be against being gay. Does it have any impact on your life whatsoever? No. Is it dangerous to the world in any way? Nope. Maybe be against something horrific and disgusting like rape instead.


If all of these people wielding gory signs and invading women's privacy outside of abortion clinics did something constructive, like help out at charities trying to help actual REAL children (as opposed to a few cells) then maybe we would see some real change in this world, instead of just bigotry.


I found it odd the other day when I noticed that at least half of the people in a picture of an anti-choice rally were men. The other half appeared to be women quite possibly too old to have children. Weird how that works, against something that does not affect your life in any way, and is unlikely to ever affect you.


I hate how on Facebook and other sites, you get people commenting on feminist pages and gay rights pages about how they disagree with feminism and gay rights. Why the hell are you on the page if you disagree with everything on it. Trolls.


We live in a world where a government full of men is making decisions on issues regarding women's bodies and health.


My bisexuality does not mean that I am confused. Now, if you have any more opinions on my life, I'd like to know which one of my videogames you're buying for me this month.

If you're going to hate me for liking guys AND girls, you may as well hate me for being right handed, or having blue eyes.



The End

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