i was walking through dark hallways, lost in a maze of black and yet i knew where i was going. i came to the end. a big wooden door with the words "bright side" written in bold letters. i knew it was locked. i knew you had the key. racing back through hallways, trying to catch a breath, trying to catch you. i saw you and you smiled. suddenly there was light. your eyes were trying to connect to mine, but i didn't want to see the truth. "i know what you want" your words made my heart race, blood pump. you stretched out your arm and opened your palm, the key dangled from a red ribbon that you held. "i know what you want, and your not getting it" you turned to leave, i ran to you and yelled for you to stay, i reached out but you slipped through my fingers. you turned into dust. the walls turned on me, the light left me, i was alone in this dark hallway. i'll never know what was on the other side of the door, but maybe the bright side wasn't so bright.

The End

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