i have spent the last hour pondering how a raven is like a bloody writing desk, whether or not alice could actually FEEL her body contorting whenever she was stretched or shrunk (or would it be shrank? hmmm ever more things to ponder), and whether or not the Jabberwocky was a male or female, which also has me wondering whether or not the Jabberwocky used to have a family before the Bloody Big Head captured it and made it her pet...

I haven't discovered any answers to a damn thing, and everything is a thousand more times complicated- my thoughts are tangled like earbuds in a jacket pocket. I'm chained to treacherous thoughts, yet my heart is flying free somewhere above me. freedom is mine to claim, yet i hide in my mental cell.

I'm the Mad Hatter, modern and real. i'm stuck n the tragedies  of the past- can't get away from the memories. if i start rambling, just say my name, and i'll be alright.

The End

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