Letters written to people that have come in and out of my life, each one leaving something special..


There is a gift that our creator gives.  It is special and needs much attention.  We don't get instructions with it or return tickets.

So you piece-meal a plan together, you make sure to take into account all of the delicate parts of this gift.  It holds together for a while.  Then, you notice it trembles if you walk too hard or touch it in the wrong spot.

You are careful to tread lightly and touch it tenderly, this works for a while but, now you notice fractures.  You're afraid it will fall apart so you get nylon rope and tie it together and, this works for a while but, the rope starts to lose it's strength and the fractures, start to crack.

This will never do, you figure.. glue, a good strong bonding glue and this works for a while.

Over time though the glue becomes yellow and brittle.  Now you are picking up pieces off the ground.  soon they are large pieces.  You must do something dramatic.  You take your time  measuring and marking points. 

You get some strong screws and some strong six penny nails. 

You work for a while, a long while, you don't give up.  and, when you are finished it's better in-fact, it's stronger, much sturdier than before, you did it, without returns, without instructions or diagrams.. you learned from experience, you were spurred on by love, love for the gift god gave, love for your child. 

You smile, and god smiles too..

The End

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