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The ambulance got there just after she had turned the radio off which she had done after only one song. She had danced to the whole of the song, swaying her thin hips side to side gently. Walking to the front door, she could see the ambulance pulling up slowly through the window. She smiled and shouted to tell me it was here. The ambulance hadn’t put its siren on as they had been told I was dead already.

“Hi, the body’s in there.” She greeted the paramedics and pointed them to the kitchen, keeping her smile strong. The smell of my blood had now spread throughout the house. The paramedics noticed it and guessed I had been dead for quite some hours. One held their rubber-gloved hand to their face as they saw me.

“I haven’t touched it, other than to stroke the hair.” She spoke as if I weren’t a person, as if I were some object who was never even alive. A few of the paramedics looked at her quizzically and some looked at her, frightened of the growing smile on her face.

“Excuse me, miss, why are you so happy?” A paramedic approached her cautiously and spoke quietly.

“I’m not happy. I’m just remembering all the good times we had together. Are police going to question me?” She asked, her grin faltering. The other paramedics began to take pictures of me and move my body onto a stretcher in a body-bag.

“Yeah. Yeah, they should. Did you tell them to come? Well, of course you didn’t, they would be here by now if you did as they are closer to here... Sorry, I’m rambling. I get a bit like that when someone's you know...” He ran a hand through his short hair.

“You’re right; I didn’t tell them to come. Should I have done?” She spoke more to herself than the man standing before her. He could see this and didn’t respond to her, other than leaving her standing in the corner as he helped the others. She watched intently as I was wheeled out my house, covered in dark plastic.

She followed me outside and kept her stare at where my head would’ve been in the bag as they put me into the ambulance none too carefully. Once the doors had shut and the ambulance had gone, the neighbours started to come out of their houses. She walked up to the man and woman who lived next door to me. I never knew their names: they were very secretive about their lives, as I was about mine.

“What's going on? Is the person that lives there okay?” The woman asked without worry in her voice. She was more interested in the gossip.

“No. They’re dead.”

And with that, Harriet walked away slowly towards my house again. She opened the door, and marched up the stairs. Firstly she went into the room at the end of the corridor and peeked inside. She continued to do this with all the other rooms, going along, just poking her head in then moving to the next door.

The End

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