Thought: 2

They found me the morning after. My blood had dried from the draft and had set on the table and the cold stone floor. I had laid the paper next to my body, careful for it to be out of the way of the scarlet liquid, just before I had slumped over, dead.

The person to find me was her. She used her key to get into my house. I had given it to her for her birthday, so that we could share each other’s houses at any time, she had thought this odd as we were only friends. She called my name a few times but I couldn’t answer. She laughed, thinking this was a joke, but when she saw me, she froze, her smile still plastered on her perfect face. She asked me if it was fake blood. She asked what I was doing. When I didn’t move, that's when she got worried.

Picking up my phone, she dialled for an ambulance, even though she knew I was dead. Tears were streaming down her face and her voice shook as she said what had happened down my phone. I would’ve smiled had I seen how upset she was. She truly cared about me; something I never thought could or would happen.

She put down the phone and turned to face my body. The arm on which the wrist was cut was lying out in front of me so she could see where I killed myself. She gasped and swallowed. Then she did the only thing she could think of to do. She sat down next to me. Her tears had stopped falling from shock as it settled in her mind I was gone. She whispered things as she rocked back and forth on the chair with her knees by her chest.

“You know, I never said goodbye to you. I guess now is too late but I can try anyway. You were the most amazing person I knew. You worked through your issues even when you thought you couldn’t and I know what you’ve done – what a stupid thing you’ve done – is because of those issues, but I still thing you’re very brave and strong. You were funny, you were clever, you were the greatest friend-”

She couldn’t carry on as she started to weep. She looked to me and bent forward to stroke my pale face. My eyes were open and softly she closed them, not wanting to see their glazed stare anymore. That was when she noticed the paper.

The End

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