This One's for the Free Ones.

If you have known freedom such as this...this one's for you.

I wrote this the other day, never intending for others to read it. But I decided that I would share it with you all, unprofessional and unpolished as it is. This is my heart.

This One's for the Free Ones.

I just can't explain this.

It's not often that my typewriter is at a loss for words; it's uncommon for my pen to be paralyzed. But I've tried and tried and TRIED to express the changes my soul is experiencing, and the words...never come? Or maybe, the words don't even exist. Maybe, not even a writer can accurately phrase this.


It covers me. Doubts and fears used to be as natural to me as the blood gushing through my veins, as much a part of me as my very own soul. My lack of faith and lack of freedom governed every step I took...figuratively and literally. The hurt ran deep...

...but the healing runs deeper.

It's like I've reached the surface, like I'm no longer drowning. I gasp to fill my hungry lungs with oxygen. I breathe it in. I breathe it out.

I. Am. Free.

I laugh - something I couldn't do, when I was drowning. The burning in my lungs is gone.


I guess that's the best way I can describe it. I feel more alive than I've ever felt before. Even when I am downtrodden, I have hope! Even when I feel anxious, I have peace! Even when pain strikes, I have joy!

Kneeling in the corner, my hands running through my unkempt hair, I once was lost. But now, dancing in the sunshine, with happy tears on my face, I am found.

And then, I look around.

Others are still drowning, and who will help them?

The End

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