Wishes you can't say out loud

Dreams are wishes you can’t say out loud

Oh but you want to

Saying them out loud just might make them real

Or at least closer to fruition

But you can’t

I can’t


It’s not for lack of courage

That can be found one way or another

Bound by duty

Muted by expectation

But sewed lips and locked heart is no way to be

My eyes are rebelling

Watching you

Longing for you

Burning bright for you

But I can’t let you see


I won’t look you in the eye

You don’t notice yet

I know one day you will

And you’ll ask why

What should I say?

Should I come clean?

It’s dirtiest clean there is

Busting her heart to get to my own


It’s what makes this love red

No roses or lipstick marks

Just rusty red blood blooming

Blood spilt and drifting across the floor

But I won’t let it get that far

Love isn’t suppose to be this blood thirsty

This brutal

But I can’t kill these dreams

My subconscious gives me no rest

Goes right where I tell it not to


There must be a way to kill a dream

Some one must have found away by now

I dreamt up a silver knife

To slice through the chains of love

I won’t be tempted I’ll leave the bounds of duty

Even in my dreams

I must behave

Make it all right

All right to open my eyes

And hold my head high

The End

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