It was our Dream.....

I Had a Dream, For us to be together and still be free,

Nothing is as it seem's,Your Dream it seemed,

Only mattered for you, which didn't mean me, now i see,

Under the Fakeness of your smile, hid a monster so vile,

Reminders now, That make me Smile..... I havent thought for a while,

Dreams that you threw..... Really were not meant for you,

Reasoning with my soul,with a story i never told, why i held on.... for so long,

Enduring my fate with a Smile,Knowing that it wasn't your dream to have, knowing i had to see it through,

Ammending my life, without you,

Mending my soul,it couldn't be better,

Seeing My Dream turn into reality,I am now a Trendsetter,

The End

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