this dream.

have you ever had a dream

a countless stars in the sky

kind of dream

not a maybe it will happen someday

but a suffocate your heart

kind of dream

have you ever felt your pulse skip a beat

then leap beneath your fingers

flip, turn, jump, dance,

until its end becomes its beginning

do you ever see the starless sky

the lose yourself in the darkness

kind of sky

and before the silver sliver of moon

can awaken you

you fall away fast


have you lived where the life line ends

walked it

passed it

tripped across it

held your head back

when your heart said go

and your soul got lost somewhere in between


have you ever had this dream

this cry yourself dry

kind of dream

the seeing


living dream

that breathes deep into you

that breathless feeling

that you were trying to escape all along


are you in too deep

if you have had this dream

not the wouldn’t-it-be-great-if

but the I-can’t-live-without-it

kind of thing

when you live where the light

could not possibly be farther away

from where your heart is headed

and your head

is left behind


and when you see the smile

the teeth are just that bright

kind of smile

the send you sailing on black water

flying with one wing

kind of smile


when you feel that heady passion

not the could’ve



weightless passion

but the hanging heavy on your heart

kind of thing

when you’ve felt it

seen it


ate it

breathed it in

swung upon the tattered rope

bridging deep unending depths

to a dream


have you ever had this dream

this confiscate your soul

kind of dream

not the sitting, wishing, waiting

but the tango dance with dying

kind of dream


if you’ve ever had this kind of dream

the live and love the chase kind of dream

you’ve held out


wanted and waited

always hopeful

but perpetually scared


then you know

this kind of dream

this hold your heart hostage kind of dream

is nothing

but if for awhile


but a nightmare

The End

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