Age:To high to count

Hair:Short, dark brown and scruffy
Eyes:Blue, the bluest of blues
Build (height, weight,etc.): 6 feet, too thin
Markings:A cog tattooed over the back of his right shoulder
Piercings: None
Usual Clothing: Long black coat, goggles, brown vest with red tie

Personality: Blunt, trys hard to take things seriously but fails, either hides his regret very well or does not feel it at all

Occupation: Theif
Weapon (if any): Katana and butterfly knives

Likes: Anyone whos just loyal enough to not stab him in the back, but also be able to keep their private activities a secrete, anything weird and antique, clocks
Dislikes: people in general, Magic
Skills: moves very fast, faster then you can imagine, good with any sort of blade, acrobatic
Weaknesses: he cant swim at all, when he does get angry he gets VERY angry
Goal: Keep living

The End

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