Things You Can Never Say to a Saint

A saint is a virtuous person. While with humain flaws, because of their strong pure drive you can consider them as good as perfect. 

So when they reach that helping hand down to pull you from your depths of chaos, its your fault your so heavy, not their fault they aren't strong enough, because they are going above and beyond to help you. When they whisper wisdom into your ear and you can't understand, its your fault you have terrible hearing, not their fault they are a terrible whisperer because they are going out of their way. 

They are the holy ones. They have good intentions so therefore they are not to blame. But then by blaming yourself, are you somehow less virtuous than they? You can't be a saint because you are angry. You can't be a saint because you blame them. You aren't virtuous because you can't accept their gifts. And you would be a sinner is you ever told them they aren't saints either because they don't take responsibility.

Sainthood is bliss.

The End

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