Nothing to Something

His eyes would always remind me of the sky. They were so clear and blue, and when i gazed up at them i felt like i could just drift off into nothing. It was just so calming to be around him. We had never talked but I was just waiting to snatch my shot at smiling at him and saying something. Anything.

Soon enough, my time to shine came and I just froze. Nothing. There was nothing that came to me. I just stood there like the retard I was. I was frozen by nerves and immobilized by his looks. I blew it. I totally and utterly blew it.

Then one day, he came to me and smiled. He smiled and said something. Finally.

Eventually, that nothing we had became something and bloomed into something amazing. Yes, we had our share of fights and arguments, but we worked things out. Just the way things should be, and I really hope it stays that way.

The End

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