Things I Go Through

Random things I just feel like writing/typing down. It's nothing big, but if you're reading this, thank you!

I felt sharp pains in my heart as i walked away. It was just so painful to watch him leave without me. He would be walking away with someone else in his arms and someone else to help comfort. The pain was unbearable and yet somehow I felt as if a light burden had been lifted from me and laid on that girl. Like I could care less in weather or not his or her hearts were broken. So, I just turned in the opposite direction and held my head up high. Sure, there are more fish in the sea, each with their own unique characteristics, and I knew that when I ran into this same situation again, my friends would be there to help me reload my bait so i can fish again. They would help me look into what is yet to come instead of what was in the past.

The End

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