My dream. Read it or not, it's your decision. If you do read it, I hope you feel inspired. And I hope you realize that not everyone can live up to your/their expectations, but it doesn't mean they should feel bad. Because living is worth every ^!#%ty thing you go through.

My dream may not be like you would expect from a 15 year old American born-and-Raised girl. Not at all, I'm sure. But, you wanted to hear it. And it may not be perfect to anyone, but it most certainly is for me. And go ahead, judge. But I bet you're one of the boring, drab, small-minded people I'm talking about.

I am getting the fuck out of my town. This boring, drab, small-minded town full of boring, drab, small-minded people. Maybe to New York City, or San Diego to live in some shithole artitst apartment with my dog and maybe a rat or two. Maybe not the American Dream, but it's my dream.

And boy, I'll meet a guy. A smooth talking, rock-n-rollin', old-fashioned guy. And he won't be like the others. He'll know what he's doing. He'll know what he needs, and wants, and lives for. He knows he has a penis, and chooses not to use it on ever single girl he meets. A guy with a nice, cherry red, 50's drive-in style car and we'll drive to the top of a cliff overlooking the city at 2 in the morning just 'cause we couldn't sleep. And we'll sit on the hood and look at the stars, and the city skyline. And he'll smoke cigarettes, lighting them with a match instead of a lighter. And he'll be spontaneous, and wear a leather jacket, and call me 'babe'. And he'll treat me like I should be treated, damn straight he will. And we won't get married, 'cause our love is enough, and just 'cause we don't have to.

 And I'll live how I want. Whether I have a job or not. I won't worry about money, 'cause life isn't about the money. And I won't talk to my parents more than once a year, but I'll keep in real good touch with my sister.

And I won't need to clean every day, because the clutter makes me feel at home. I'll work on my art every day, getting frustrated constantly. And at night I'll sit on my computer, typing the story of my fucking amazing life while everyone else lives their boring life in the same city that they grew up in.

And I'll love every minute of it.

The End

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