There's NO Such Thing As A Happy Ending

Suspended from the suspicion of how the lies came about.Every princess has a story without a doubt. My past, present, and future lies in these stories. I live my life based on these memories of how you find true love at first sight, and how you live happily ever after. I had to go through tears, heartache, and pain. I had  to walk alone in the rain. I wore a hood to cover my identity and sung just to be heard. I've been let down by the one's I just wanted to be loved by. Abandoned by my family only to be reconnected in the end. Obviously you didn't care about me it's not like you committed a sin. I go to a ball just to be noticed, but yet never invited. Handed hammy downs to redecorate. What image was Disney trying to create? My fairy god mothers are my best friends, they always show up when you need them most. That one moment when you are all depressed they know how to crack that simple faint smile. My tiara is my self-esteem. I wear it everywhere I go. No matter how bad people talk about me, I know how to handle my own. I don't need a wand to make my dreams come true, it's all about those stars in the sky that makes things happen. My glass slippers are my baby fat sneakers. Because no one else wears them i am considered different. But my prince charming is looking for someone unique that's me. I don't want to die just do someone can come to my rescue. I can be my own hero because you were never around. So take my token of gratitude and put it on your noble steed. Your true love is something I can do without. It's not something I need there's no such thing as a happy ending.


The End

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