Where I found me.

I'm sitting on the bus starting to feel strange.  As strange as strange can be I think.  Suddenly I feel a numbness growing over me.  It kind of tingles down to my little arms and feet.  Then a dull kind of sadness begins in my center cavity.  I look down as if expecting something to happen but nothing is there.  Just my school clothes and jacket.  I look back out the window where my hand print is turning into that foggy wetness again.  I lay my head against the window.

I rush through the woods, taking a shortcut, letting the branches tear at my skin and clothes.  I have to get back to me, I think.  I have to.  As I near the school, I notice that peculiar feeling inside of me again.  That feeling of separation.  I know time is running short and I must find me before it happens again. 

As I get off the bus I notice I feel better.  It must have been sleepiness that made me feel so strange.  I walk with the other children into the school waiting my turn to get to my locker when someone pushes me and knocks me down.  Unsteadily I get back to my feet and look around to see who the culprit was but I can't see.  It's like I got up too fast and everything is dark but this time it isn't lightening back up again.  I reach out searching with my hands for something to grab ahold of to steady myself but I find nothing. 

I rush into the school behind a teacher through a back door.  They can't see me so they won't notice me.  I run down the aisle way frantically searching for me.  I turn a corner and there I am aimlessly wandering down the hallway with my hands stretched out in front of me.  I wonder if I'm too late if I can still reach me in time.

The End

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