Love is Pain

A place for people to write the things that are settling heavily on their minds. Writing therapy, in a safe space, if you will.

I fell in love with someone I can't have, and that, my friends, is the pain I carry everyday. 

When you find someone that you really love, one of the greatest things is learning about each other. Loving someone that you know, and have known for years, but can't talk to like that, is painful. Wanting to tell them what has hurt you, or what kind of a day you're having, and not being able to because that's not what people do normally, in your position. 

Being unable to even tell them how you feel. 

Not knowing if you're even their type. And by that I mean to the extent of whether I'm even the right sex. 

Not knowing if that 'special' thing that they did for you, is any indicator of any feelings out of the ordinary. 

It's the not knowing, that hurts the most. Never have I understood those lyrics more than now. 

I think I'll always love her. Even if, someday, I find someone else. A part of me will know that she was my first love, and the one who I wasn't brave enough to ask. The one who was too important for me to risk losing her all together, by admitting I wanted more. 

So I'm in love. Probably always will be. 

I guess I'll just have to live with the wanting. It's still better than losing her all together. 

The End

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