PB & J Communication

So, this is the paraphrasing of a lunch conversation that happened at my house about 10 years ago (meaning the characters “Me” and “Steph” (sister) are pre-teens at the time and “John” is about eight)

Steph: Wouldn’t it be weird if people talked to each other in a way other than with our mouths?

Mom: I guess so. I’ve never really thought of it, but I suppose if people did communicate that way then we would all think it was normal.

Me: (with peanut butter jar and lid in hand as I am making my sandwich) What if we talked through our hands. What if we had something like this on one hand (putting the peanut butter jar in one hand) and on the other hand something like this (putting the lid in the other hand). And then we could put them together like this (I now tap peanut butter container and lid together in Morse code fashion)

Steph: (taking the lid and putting it in one hand). Yeah, and when you put them together for different amounts of time they would make different sounds.

Steph and I now begin testing our communication skills by tapping the jar on my hand and the lid in her hand together. We are making different sound effects for the different taps. Mom is somewhat transfixed on our activity. The look on her face shows a large amount of confusion…or perhaps it is actually a look of concern. Sometimes hard to differentiate.

John (who heretofore has been sitting quietly) picks up the jelly jar lid. Steph picks up the jelly jar with her free hand. She and John begin to communicate as well. We’ve now shown how one person can communicate with two people at once in our new form. This is a notable accomplishment.

Mom: I don’t know how I ended up with kids who have these kinds of ideas. (Mom is not prone to having these type of ideas, but her children are)

Steph, John and I are not too concerned with our mothers concern and continue to communicate via the condiments.

The End

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