Hotter than hades

A couple years ago...actually I think it's more like ten years ago now. My Aunt and uncle were having an Aniversery party. Twenty Five  beautiful years together. But they heat was stealing the show. It was in the middle of July and it was hotter the hades. People pulled at their clothes and wiped at their forheads. All around me the exact same conversation was going on. " God! It's hot! I wished they had a pool. I really need to cool off!"

My other uncle Dean has the next natural evolving idea. We need a pool. Let's make a pool...In the back of my truck. That was his next idea he was going to drive us around the neighbourhood and show off his pimped out truck.

He layed down a blue tarp and stuck the hose in the back, and started attempting to fill up the truck. All the water spilled out the sides. So he got out a chalking gun and tried to fill the cracks. Operative word " try' the water kept slipping through the cracks again.

My Uncle Dean gave up and we decied the best course of action was to stay well hydrated. My father cracked open a beer and nodded that it was indeed sound advice.

The End

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