The Gremlins and the Huntsman

Was it a knock that had woken her? Emily's shoulders tensed and she sat up. The hidden pocket knife under the silk of her pillows beckoned her, but she didn't move. Time was moving slow. The ticking of clock arms rang, and she dared only to breathe in between them. The lights were off. She would not turn them on. If they come in, she would have the advantage, being familiar with the room and used to the darkness. They were outside, staring at her through the narrow opening of the keyhole. Emily wondered whether it was a lone predator, or a pack. She had no way to tell. Hours seemed to past as she waited for her opponents to make their move, but they didn't. Finally, as if her adrenaline had reached its brim, she leaped from her bed with a loud creak. In her hand was the unsheathed blade, catching a glimpse of moonlight as she dashed to the door.

They, having noticed her movement, rounded back and rushed for the stairs. She heard their footsteps. 1...2...3... The sound was muffled and light. They had trained themselves well, but they would not best her. This time again, she would show them she was not easy prey.

With her first victory in hand, she was now the huntsman. The panic of her foes caused them to loose irrationality. They ran themselves into the backyard, and its black fence clutched them with its iron grip. The intruders ran up to it, they shook it and tried to climb it, but its defense was perfect. Emily leered at opened entrance to the yard. Her heart raced, but with confidence. She'll teach these little bastards a lesson. "Halt!" Her voice was loud and fierce.

Before her were the three agitators. Their teeth gritting and their backs pressed against the barricade. Her victory was no longer a doubt. Smiling, Emily charged forward with terrifying speed. From left to right, she drove her weapon into each of them.

The battle was over.

Her foes wore the masks of defeat and humiliation as they fell to the grass. Their eyes rolled back and their fingers twitched, and soon they became inanimate.

But Emily's success lasted only a brief moment. They stood again. Emily's shoulders drooped as her brothers gathered around her, giggling and chatting enthusiastically with one another. "One more time!" Elliot pulled at her oversized tee. "We'll win this time!" Mike and Tommy beseeched, "please?"

Emily dropped the plastic knife. "Nope. I'm tired." Dismissing the triplets with the shortest words possible, she crawled upstairs and into bed. In the comfort of her mattress, she closed her eyes. It was another night of triumph for Emily Crewe.

Her glorious winning streak was now 12-0. 

The End

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