Ocean Bride

When she looked at him, the waves washed over her, pulling her under glass green and ocean grey. Suddenly, she realized the feeling wasn't figurative. Suddenly, she realized she was drowning, and the sun ran far away. The rose gold sky flew her by, and the curve of her back brushed the ocean sands.

The prince disappeared.

Oona's body buckled on itself, begging for breath. She could no longer see the light, the ocean floor remained illuminated only by its glowing populace. It was in her delirious fear that she could not tell whether her cheeks were wet by water or tears. It was a world where her screams would not be heard, and her weeping is not seen. Oona's mind fathomed only the darkest thoughts, but it was a sudden warmth that made her eyes flicker open. A pair of arms other than her own warped around her waist. Oona's knees scrapped across the sands as she turned herself around in this gentle hold. The face that disappeared with the sky bore itself to her vision. Oona gasped as he drew close. His eyelids caressed her cheeks, and his lips borne a human warmth. Amidst the coldness, his embrace became a refuge. His kiss felt like an infinity. Her lungs were filled with the life of this world. And with the parting of his lips, she could breathe again.

Oona's heart beat fast. Her vibrant red hair contrasted his dark mane. From the golden markings on his chest to the translucent tips of his fingers, Oona was able recognize him. He was her king, the ruler of his realm.

The prince of the sea gazed silently back at her. He carried himself with a monarchic grace, but his eyes were that of a curious child. Stepping back, he greeted her with a bow.

  A pleasure. He smiled.

The End

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