How dark, how cold, is the ocean bottom? The whale was deemed the world's loneliest animal. Whales do not travel in groups, instead they take up a wide space alone. Their cries are loud enough to span miles, but no one hears them.

Sometimes I feel like I'm one of them. I'm singing at my best but no one's hearing it. At those times I really want company... sometimes the things I sing about are important, sometimes they are just mundane. I sing about the sands of the bottom, and rays of light of the top. And I know I'm the only one here, but I shout anyway. I see others in groups, and I feel envy, but my loneliness is the price for power, for wealth. I have the love of a million, but not the love of one. Am I lucky, or am I pitiful? I worked hard to get here. There was a time when I had nothing, I slept in the subway, in the training room, because I had nothing in my pockets. I had to lower my head and discard my pride so I could survive. I spilled blood and sweat, but I still had to repay my debt.

Even putting in effort comes with a price.

Back then I didn't even have the chance to work hard. I was burdened by expectations, enslaved by bitter hope. Yet I was out of this world... And now I'm at the center of it. I've lost something in this struggle. My voice still rings loud, but my heart beat is cold.

The End

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