Body 4: Tea Cake's Arrival

The arrival of Tea Cake, while gave her more happiness, did not mean the stop of judgment. Before she leaves, there is talk once more by the people of the porch about her dealings with Tea Cake. Tea Cake was in their opinion a bad influence. Even Hezekiah tells her that Tea Cake “ain’t got no business makin’ hissef familiar wid nobody lak you” (103). He obviously has preknown judgmental opinions about Tea Cake and it causes him to try to stop Janie. The porch catches on to this too. Why would someone as respectable as Mrs. Starks interact with him? Immediately, their judgment flares up and they start spreading rumors about her. Eventually, they are not only judging against Tea Cake, they are also judging against Janie. “Tea Cake and Mrs. Mayor Starks! All the men she could get, and fooling with somebody like Tea Cake!” (110). They think it’s absolutely absurd and start insulting Janie. To escape this judgment, Janie leaves with Tea Cake to the Glades. But unfortunately, Judgment continues to follow along.

The End

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