Body 3: Jody's Eyes*

While Janie could not care less about about how the porch judged her, as she much rather be part of the porch, Jody was very sensitive, feeling the need to keep her confined like a proper lady to show his status as the mayor. There was no “laugh and play” (62) as Jody put it. If Janie tried to speak up, Jody would just hit her down.{QUOTE} Janie is now thrown into the spotlight under two merciless arrows of judgment shot at her at the same time and she finally is unable to dodge them. Her actions are refined and she can only act as the “judges” agree. Her life, for the twenty years that she spends with Jody, is filled with confinement and restriction. After Jody dies, the confinement by Jody lifts, but she becomes doubly restricted by the people of the porch as they fill in for Jody and load her down with expectations. {QUOTE} If Janie had come out with no signs of grief, she was bound to be struck by waves of degrading rumors. What was she doing walking around like a flirt? Twenty years of marriage and she shows no signs of grief? She must have married the poor old mayor out of money! So while Janie had her first taste of freedom after twenty years, she was still not completely free.

The End

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